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Rio Grande turkey are extremely abundant within the Sonora, Texas region. The high turkey populations in Sutton County has resulted in the heralded claim of the "number one county for wild turkeys in the State of Texas." Hunters will be extremely surprised by the sheer number of birds each flock encompasses. It's not uncommon to encounter individual flocks that number well over three or four dozen birds. Roosts are prevalent throughout the Old Devils River bottom and morning fly downs routinely take more than an hour. A supplemental year round feeding program is instituted with seven separate elevated feeding stations uniquely designed so that only turkeys and wild birds can feed from them. We are the only ranch in the Sutton County region that implements a wild turkey feeding program and the results have been outstanding.

Spring Rio Grande Turkey Hunts
$1000.00 Fully Guided Turkey Hunt (2 Gobblers)
$900.00 Semi-Guided Turkey Hunt (2 Gobblers)
Lodging Included